Saturday, 7 April 2012

Forthcoming Urban Fox Documentary

A wildlife cameraman is currently filming for a Channel 4 documentary on urban foxes. He is interested in talking to people in South Manchester who have opinions and knowledge about local foxes. If you feed foxes, try to deter them or have a 'foxy' story, please get in touch with him.

He would particularly like to film a fox den, especially one under a shed, a deck or a patio. If you know the location of a den he would love to hear from you.

Contact Details:

George Woodcock,
Windfall Films,
0207 251 7675


1 comment:

John | Fox Repellent Expert said...

This urban fox documentary sounds like it will be really interesting. Any idea as to when it might be on TV? Or was it part of the Channel 4 Urban Foxes Live programmes from a couple of months ago?