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The Historical Background to the Study of Natural History in the Manchester Region - Sources

OK, so I said that I was going to write three or four articles in this series ... but this is the sixth! I promise you, though, that this is the last one (apart, that is, from the odd historical snippet that I feel the need to pass on). It's not very exciting, though, as it is a list of sources. So if anyone out there has found this series interesting (?) then, using this list, you might be able to find out a bit more for yourself. It's also, of course, good form to acknowledge one's sources.


Altrincham and District Natural History Society, history of: Society’s website (http://www.pettipher.me.uk/altnats/history.shtml)
Material on Bailey, Charles in Manchester Museum Herbarium Department.

Broady, Hilda, ‘Diary, Notes & Drawings of Specimens’, unpublished MS, 1959.

Buxton, Richard, ‘A Botanical Guide to the Flowering Plants, Ferns, Mosses and Algae
Found Indigenous Within Sixteen Miles of Manchester’, Longman And Co, 1849.

Material on Caley, George: Wikipedia Article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Caley)

Coward, T.A., ‘Bird Haunts and Nature Memories’, Frederick Warne, 1922.

Material on Coward, T.A.: Wikipedia Article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Coward)

Material on Crowther, James: ‘The Late James Crowther, The Naturalist’ obituary in ‘The
Manchester Guardian’, 13th January, 1847.

Gaskell, Elizabeth, ‘Mary Barton’, Penguin Library Edition, 1970 (first pub. 1848).

Grindon, Leo, ‘Country Rambles and Manchester Walks and Wild Flowers’, Palmer and Howe, 1882 (omnibus edition of two earlier works).

Manchester Field Club, history of: Society Website (http://www.webspace.mypostoffice.co.uk/~christine.walsh/)

Manchester Microscopical and Natural History Society, history of: Society Website (http://www.manchestermicroscopical.org.uk/mmshist.html)

Material on Harthan, Bess from Exhibition in Mersey Valley, Sale Water Park Visitors’
Centre, 2003.

Lancaster, Roy, ‘In Search of the Wild Asparagus’, Michael Joseph Ltd., 1983.

Percy, John, ‘Scientists in Humble Life: The Artisan Naturalists of South Lancashire’, in
Manchester Region History Review, Vol. V, No. 1, Spring/Summer 1991, ps. 3 - 9.

RSPB, history of: Society Website (http://www.rspb.org.uk/about/history/)

Rochdale Field Naturalists Society, history of: Society Website (http://www.rochdalefieldnaturalistssociety.co.uk/)

Secord, Anne, ‘Science In The Pub: Artisan Botanists In Early Nineteenth-Century Lancashire’,
in History of Science, Vol. 32, September 1994, ps. 269 – 315.

Shercliff, W.H., ‘Nature’s joys are free for all: A History Of Countryside Recreation In
North East Cheshire’, pub. W.H. Shercliff, 1987.

Weiss, F.E., ‘Leopold Hartley Grindon (1818 – 1904)’, North Western Naturalist, Vol. V, 31st
March 1930, ps. 16 – 22.

Dave Bishop, March 2012

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