Monday, 22 June 2009

Ida Bradshaw's Memories of Hardy Farm

Some time ago Ida Bradshaw, of Neale Road, sent me some of her memories of Hardy Farm. Unfortunately, I managed to lose her letter in my 'deep litter' filing system. Luckily the letter has now turned up and I can post Ida's memories on the blog - sorry, Ida! If anyone else has little snippets, like this, that they would like to share, please feel free to send them to me (and I really will try not to lose them - honest!).

My great aunt (d. 1962) knew the wife of the farmer at Hardy Farm. When my father (b. 1899) was young he and my grandparents used to visit great aunt and they would walk through Chorltonville to Hardy Lane and visit the farm and have tea with them.
The farmer’s wife used to go to the small orchard at river bank for crab apples to make chutney with for the Christmas Fair at St. John’s. This was where my great aunt got to know the farmer’s wife. She died in the 1920s and when the farmer died a few years later it passed to the son. After the Second World War the owner changed it from a farm to a stables which it continued to be until he died. The family did not want to carry on and it was sold. I presume this was when UMIST bought it.The original path from Brookburn Road only went to the football club [I presume that Ida means the present site of the Chorlton and West Didsbury Football Club – Ed.]. There was no path to the river. [The fields] were used as grazing for the horses and ponies at the riding stables. [They were] originally used as grazing for cows.

Ida Bradshaw, 19.03.07

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