Sunday, 14 June 2009

Alex Krause

Alex Krause is leaving the Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service (MVCWS) and taking up a new post at Reddish Vale.

Alex has occupied the post of MVCWS Ecology Warden for the last five years and has been FoCM contact within the Warden Service for the last two or three years. We owe her a great deal. She has worked incredibly hard on our behalf, put together some interesting and challenging programmes and given us lots of support.

Alex has an MSc in Ecology and has worked in Tropical Ecology and Environmental Education. Her homeland is Brazil and she tells me that it was a bit of a shock coming to a temperate country with actual seasons! It took her a while to become familiar with our local wildlife but she also tells me that she has had a lot of support from local naturalists, who have helped her a great deal, and to whom she is very grateful.
We wish her the very best of luck in her new job.

Having said all that we will not be losing touch with her completely as she will still be living in Chorlton and has expressed an interest in becoming an ‘ordinary’ member of the group (oh, alright then, Alex – we’ll let you join!).

Our new contact within MVCWS will be Education Warden, Andy Martin. I hope to be posting a profile of Andy in due course – although I haven’t asked him yet!

Dave Bishop, June 2009

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