Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Andrew Simpson's Chorlton History Blog

Andrew Simpson - who lives on Beech Road in Chorlton - has been doing a lot of research on Chorlton's history and Manchester history in general. A couple of years ago I introduced Andrew to the shoe maker-botanist, Richard Buxton (who features in Part 1 of my series of articles on the study of natural history in the Manchester region). Andrew, of course, immediately recognised the historical significance of the biography that Buxton prefaced his flora with. There are probably not many first hand accounts of life in Manchester, during the early 19th century, from the perspective of a working man. I was going to write: from the perspective of an 'ordinary' working man - but Buxton was not 'ordinary' - and neither were many of his friends and contemporaries.

Andrew has done quite a bit of research on the background to Buxton's life and some of this material has been appearing on his Chorlton History blog, which you can find here: http://chorltonhistory.blogspot.com/. Highly recommended - and look out for Andrew's new book on Chorlton History - which is due to be published in April of this year (details on his blog)

Dave Bishop, February 2012

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