Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Valuing Manchester's Wildlife Questionnaire

Manchester City Council would like the people of Manchester to have their say about wildlife in the city. They have therefore prepared a questionnaire entitled 'Valuing Manchester's Wildlife'. You can find it here:


You may need to cut and paste this link into your browser.

To be quite honest I have some reservations about this (e.g. Should wildlife be the subject of a popularity contest? And will this jolt us out of the 'conservation is all about tree planting' groove that we seem to be stuck in?).

Nevertheless, I urge you all to fill this in and make your views known. The deadline for completing the questionnaire is the end of March. If you choose to fill in the 'About You' section at the end of the questionnaire, your details will be entered into a prize draw.

Dave Bishop, January 2010