Thursday, 10 September 2009

Memories of Grasshoppers and Crickets by JoAnne Wood

My article about the Grasshopper that I photographed on Barlow Hall Tip (FoCM blog, 23rd August 2009) prompted this response from FoCM Committee member, JoAnne Wood, who has lived in Chorlton all her life:

In response to your recent inquiry on the blog requesting information about crickets in Chorlton meadows I may be able to help.

The photo dated by my father as March 1947 shows the back garden of “Brookfield” 27 Edge Lane Chorlton.

The building originally the old Coaching House has now been demolished and rebuilt.
The pram in the foreground is mine I was six months old when the photo was taken. Beyond the back is the large expanse of field, which is now the site of Meadow Court.

As a child I would play for hours in that field listening to and watching the hundreds of crickets, they would sit in my hand rubbing their back legs together to make that unique chirping sound.
Grasshoppers inhabited the area in abundance as did many other forms of wildlife and I know how privileged I was to grow up with it.

Beyond that field to the right is a large hut belonging to the rifle range on Turn Moss playing fields.
On the left you can just make out the out-building and farm house belonging to Winders Farm on Hawthorn Lane, this was the only building I could see from my bedroom window.

I hope this little bit of local history recorded by my father all those years ago will be of some help in filling in the gaps of Chorlton wild life.

JoAnne Wood, 7th September 2009

I would like to thank JoAnne for contributing her memories and her Dad's photograph. If anyone else has similar memories, that they would like to share with us, please feel free to send them in - Ed.

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