Friday, 21 August 2009

Friends of Chorlton Meadows AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at Chorlton Library on Friday 28th August at 7:00 pm. Everyone is cordially invited to attend (although if everyone on the mailing list turns up we'll be in a 'pickle'!).

Greetings to everyone who joined up at the Beech Road Festival in July. I got some sort of 'lurgy' soon after the festival (I suspect that it might have been swine 'flu) so was 'out-of-it' for a couple of weeks and then procrastinated about putting all of the email addresses into the database - so that's why you haven't heard from us sooner (sorry!).

One thing I've noticed is that there is sometimes a problem with Yahoo email addresses - quite a few of them seem to bounce back with cryptic, 'techy' type messages to the effect that the named person hasn't got a Yahoo email address. So if you haven't heard from us recently that might be why. Has anyone else noticed this and can anyone shed any light on the problem?

An Autumn/Winter Events Programme is currently in gestation and should be published shortly.

Dave Bishop, FoCM Chair

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