Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Glimpse of the Mersey Valley 50 Years Ago - Hilda Broady's Journal

5th July, 1959

After a week of glorious sunshine and intermittent heavy showers, I visited the plot. Yesterday was the hottest of the year so far, being 84 degrees but it has rained all day today.

The ground was very wet and seeking specimens of wild plants in the long grass amused my young son, but not myself.

Bittersweet is still much in evidence in the stream bed (which still refuses to fill with water), and we noticed a large patch of horsetail growing in the bed of the stream.

Between the large numbers of Sycamores growing and the long grass it was very difficult to walk about. Willowherb is very prolific, and bramble too is growing all over the plot. Some bramble is in flower, but in places fruits, which are green, and yellow, are appearing. There is now no sign of the long stems of the snakeweed. Green fruits are also evident on the Hawthorn tree.

My plot has been extended to include a stream which actually contains water this week, although last week it was completely dry. We brought home a sample of this water, but unfortunately it was accidentally lost and another sample will have to be taken.

We caught a red insect which has not yet been identified. Willowherb was in full flower.

Posted by Dave Bishop, 5th July, 2009.

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