Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Glimpse of the Mersey Valley 50 Years Ago - Hilda Broady's Journal

30th May, 1959

The grass has now become very tall and overgrown. The bluebells are fruiting and many are hidden in the grass.

All the vegetation is very dry. The stream is completely dried up, and there is a large amount of debris in it. Specimens of the following flowers have been collected today:

Bluebell - Scilla Nonscripta

Earthnut - Conopodium Denudatum

Common Sorrel - Rumex Acetosa

Greater Stitchwort - Stellaria Holostea

Snake Weed - large patch growing - Polygonum Bistorta

Editor's Note:

Plant names have been revised in the last 50 years.

Modern Names:

Bluebell: Hyacinthoides non-sripta

Earthnut (Pignut): Conopodium majus

Common Sorrel: Rumex acetosa (unchanged)

Greater Stitchwort: Stellaria holostea (unchanged)

Snake Weed (Bistort): Persicaria bistorta
All of the above plants are still in Barlow Wood where Mrs Broady found them 50 years ago.

Posted by Dave Bishop, 30th May 2009

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