Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hilda Broady's Journal: A Glimpse of the Mersey Valley 50 Years Ago

Mrs Broady next visited her 'plot', in Barlow Wood, on the 1st April 1959. This is the entry in her journal:

A sunny spring day, with a light breeze blowing, encouraged me to visit the plot.

The main tree is now covered in buds. It is a Sycamore, Acer Pseudoplatanus. On one side of the trunk Pleurococcus* is growing. There is a fungal growth on the apparently dead tree.

A ladybird and a number of ants were found today; the ants were around the roots of the tree, and the ladybird was found on the grass.

A few clumps of bluebells were identified (Scilla Nonscripta**), also lesser celandine (Ranunculus Ficaria). As the lesser celandine was in flower a specimen was taken.

Editor's Notes:

* 'Pleurococcus' is a type of green alga, often found on tree trunks.

** The scientific name of the Bluebell has been changed at least twice since 1959 - it is currently Hyacinthoides non-scriptus.

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