Saturday, 28 February 2009

An Additional Training Course

Dear Friends,

Please note an additional course that you are invited to participate in:

'Grassland Monitoring Methodology' run by Rob O'Connor (grassland ecologist).

Date: 25th April 2009

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Venue: Mersey Valley Visitors' Centre, Rifle Road, Sale (near Sale Water Park).

As before this course is free for all members of the Friends groups.

This will be another important course for us. There are several areas of derelict, or semi-derelict, grassland in Chorlton Meadows (a 'Meadow' is, after all, grassland by definition!). Our aim is to attempt to restore some of these areas and to do this properly we need to record what species are there now and to monitor changes that occur as we institute management regimes.

Alex Krause has asked me to point out that two of the courses that she has arranged for us are currently under-subscribed. These are:

Peter Hardy's Butterfly Monitoring Course (28th and 29th March)


Liz Blackman's Wild Flower ID course (13th June).

So don't miss out and sign up with Alex asap! Please see the previously published programme for full details.

Alex Krause's phone number is: 0161 881 5639

Her email is: a.krause@manchester.gov.uk

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