Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Report on Beech Road Festival, Sunday 6th July 2008

I remember that last year's festival was wet but, if anything, this year was even wetter (ah, Britain in July - doncha just love it?). Nevertheless, the weather didn't seem to put the good people of Chorlton, and other parts of South Manchester, off - they turned up in droves. It seems that the answer to British weather is British determination to have a good time.

The response to our stall was amazing! Eighty five people signed up and we must have spoken to 100 people at least. Not only that but we shared the stall with members of our esteemed 'sister' group, The Friends of Chorlton Water Park and they attracted many new members as well. It just goes to show how much interest in, and affection for, the Mersey Valley there is out there. We even met a couple who got married over the Meadows! We hope that they will share photographs and memories of their special day with us at some point. Thanks to the Mersey Valley Warden Service for supplying the actual stall and all the trimmings, and thanks to Dave, Rob and Clare for assembling it at the start and dis-assembling it at the end of the day.

At the 'debrief' in the Bowling Green afterwards, John Agar and I didn't manage to decide anything of any particular importance - funny that!
Anyway, if you'll excuse me I must go now and put 85 email addresses into my address book ...

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