Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Balsam Bash Sunday 22nd June

Dear Friends,

Where have you been? I can hear you say!

Well, actually I've been engaged in secret, high level talks in an attempt to bring you the MOST EXCITING SUMMER PROGRAMME EVER!!!

Well, actually, Alex has (sorry Alex!) - I just chaired the committee meeting where we decided what should go in the programme (well, they were talks ... weren't they? ... sort of ... people talked ...)

Anyway, the full programme's not quite ready yet but we do have an event coming up this Sunday (22nd June). We'll be pulling that pesky Himalayan Balsam. For those of you who don't know HB is a very invasive introduced weed that tends to clog up the Nature Reserve and we need to pull out as much as possible before it flowers.

This event will run from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Meet in Chorlton Ees car park (that's the car park at the end of the cobbled road off Brookburn Road - not Ivy Green car park on Brookburn Road itself ).

My mobile no. is 07947535691

Best Regards,
Dave Bishop

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